Paragon tire prides itself on offering premium performance, comfort and reliability without the high price of other major tire brands. Driven by passion and innovation, Paragon offers a wide selection of passenger, performance, crossover, SUV and trucks tires for virtually every popular make and model on the road today.

Engineered to exceed industry standards, the full lineup of impressive Paragon tire products come as a direct result of our advanced manufacturing process, strict quality control, proven tread designs and extensive product testing. At Paragon, quality and performance are paramount.

Ever wonder why some tires can be so expensive? We did too, and after looking into it we noticed things didn’t always add up. That’s what inspired us to create Paragon, a more affordable option when it comes to buying tires you can count on.

Discover the difference with Paragon tire, where driving comfort, performance and confidence come together to create considerable value for today’s drivers.